High School, Junior High, Worship

CYG Winter Retreat

On December 28-30, 2017, Cornerstone Church’s Youth Group had a winter retreat at the Angeles Crest Christian Camp. Our retreat theme, “Unshaken”, was based on Psalm 62:2 through which we learned how to have a faith that was not shaken by difficult circumstances we may encounter in life. 

On the first night, the high school praise team led the congregation in passionate praise and many of the youth responded with hands held high and heads bowed in worship. After the praise, Teacher Joshua gave the first night’s message from the book of Philippians and shared about Apostle Paul who was in a difficult circumstance, but did not allow for his circumstance to dictate his faith. The night ended in more prayer and a time of intimate sharing in smaller groups. 

The next day was filled with many different activities including archery, volleyball, preparation for skit, and more importantly a seminar given by Teacher Minji. She shared some difficulties that students would encounter in life and how these things could shake our faith. Additionally, she shared her own powerful testimony on how she had overcome some of the difficulties placed in her life and how she learned to have an unshakable faith. At night, we enjoyed a time of great fellowship as each group presented the skits that they had prepared and there was much laughter. The teachers and judges were surprised at the level of creativity exhibited by each group and were excited at the prospect of future skit members. As the night continued, we had another night of passionate praise and Pastor Sung spoke from our theme verse, Psalm 62:2. He taught about how we were to put our trust in God alone and only then would He be our rock, salvation, and fortress through which we would not be shaken. The night ended with an altar call which led to two junior high students accepting Christ and the group prayed corporately over various prayer topics. 

Overall, we believe that the Holy Spirit moved mightily through every activity, praise, and message. We are so thankful that God used this retreat to speak to His people, and we are praying that God continues the good work that was started. Please join us in prayer over the students that they would continue to grow spiritually and desire to be more like God. Additionally, we are thankful for all of the staff that helped at the retreat, Cornerstone Church, and for Pastor Lee and Samonim who supported us through prayer and love.