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High School and Jr. High Camping Retreat

From August 4-5 our Cornerstone Youth Group went camping at the Bandido Camp Grounds nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains. With the theme of “Thirst,” based on Psalm 42, our prayer was for our group to draw closer together in Christ in worship and fellowship. Pastor Sung spoke on our need for God and how we must realize our thirst for Him. As Teacher Josh led many team building activities, both the sermon and activities spurred much conversation as we split up into small groups throughout the day. This camping was a great way for the newest members of our Jr High to get used to our group and retreats in general. 

Through the help of brother Kwon and brother Richardson who came up to the campsite to serve our youth group, we unloaded the truck full of supplies including the tents and 50 gallons of water. While the students were engaged in ice breaking activities, our two brothers including the teachers set up the tents in quick order. They also grilled the meat marinated by samonim and Esther 집사님 the day before. We enjoyed a hearty meal that became one of the highlights of the retreat. The teachers served faithfully in the background through leading small groups, making sure that the food was ready and that the students learned to recycle. 

We thank God for the fellowship, worship, great food, and the bonds that were formed during this camping trip. We thank Pastor Sung for speaking to us an important message on “Thirst,” for teacher Josh leading all the activities, for all the teachers who served faithfully, and a special thank you to our two brothers who we couldn’t do without. We thank our church and mokasnim and samonim for their support and prayer.

We look forward to our next retreat!