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Katherine Chang

This is my 5th mission and I think this is one of my favorite missions. This is not only because I learned a lot and received many blessings from God but I was also very challenged by the leaders of our church, Missionary Park and his ministry, and the teachers there at Colegio Good People. It also made me think a lot about my first mission to Albania in many aspects that it made me reminisce the memories I had there and where I first really fell in love with God. Although I want to share everything that I learned, I want to share four main things: 

  1. God is growing me as a leader more and more. First, I think I really felt more thankful and joyful when I saw people in our mission team grow. I now understand more when moksanim shares how he wants and loves seeing us grow. It made my heart so thankful when I saw everyone, specifically my small group share their life stories during mission training and seeing them really serving the children during our VBS’s. I am also amazed and looked back at how much I have grown since my first mission to Albania where Nicole and I were the youngest. We showered with 2-3 water bottles because there was little water back then. But during this mission, it was the same thing where the girls didn’t have water to shower but now as a leader, I was able to wash other girls hair and used that time to pray for them. I also see how through quiet time, God is giving me more boldness and confidence in Christ to share the gospel and to reach out to those who need Him. I was encouraged and convicted everyday to come back home and live out this life where I confidently share the gospel specifically to my dad and to my non-Christian friends. 
  2. My insecurities, my pride, my fears should not be preventing me from giving God my very best. Body worship seminar was really difficult for me to prepare. As a very structured person, I wanted to know how seminars was going to work, how many people, location, etc. But we did not know what was going to happen until the day of and I think that’s the moment where I really had to rely on God. It showed me how weak I am as a human, how I wanted it my way, how I want approval from others. But the time of seminars really reminded me to constantly surrender to God. Preparing for the seminar during mission training also really reminded me to remember the basics of what is body worship and why it is another tool to worship God. One insecurity that came up was my birthmark on my eye. Throughout my entire life, I always got questions like “what happened to your face? Did you get into a fight? Who hit you?” During the 2nd day of VBS, kids asked one of the teachers Jackie if I got hit by my husband (because domestic abuse is very common). While feelings of insecurity/uncomfortableness/sadness started to arise, Jackie the teacher told me that the way she responded to the kids was “God made her that way”. Because of these encouraging words, it really changed my perspective on my birthmark and reminded me that yes, God made me this way and I need to give my whole body, my best to God. 
  3. Going for the one soul. I think this message hit me very hard, especially as I saw two people growing and changing visibly during our time there-Yonny and Jackie. Although I won’t go too much in detail, I saw both of them challenged to grow in their faith through the revival and VBS’s. During past missions I saw children and people we interacted with happy and excited for us to be there, but hearing both of them say out loud that they are determined to grow in their faith, I was very thankful. I always say after each mission that I want to go back and visit, mainly because of the children that we met. But after the ministry part was over I really did not want it to end. I kept thinking about Missionary Parks ministry, the children, the teachers that during our vision trip to Cusco, thoughts of “should I come back and teach English? Can I go back and serve the children more so that they can know Christ?” I want to go back not just for the kids but for Jackie, for Yonny, for the one soul. I really want to see how the ministry and the school grows. 
  4. What is my dream? What is my purpose? I think this is a question I’ve been really thinking and praying about before this mission. What do I want to do after I graduate? What is a future career that I can give my best to God? Although this question is still unanswered in a very clear way, I know for sure that I want to work with students, with children and especially those who have broken families/relationships. I was also very challenged by hearing more of Missionary Park’s testimony and even our tour guide’s story of how they dreamed big and they made their dream of creating a school, creating a foundation to help single mothers get jobs into reality. Especially Missionary park, hearing his story and how he always gave God the credit to leading him to the life he has now was very encouraging. So although I still don’t know what I want to do, I am continually praying that I have this same mindset that whatever I do I can give glory to God and to really ask “what is my dream?”  

So I don’t know when I can go back or if I can, but just as Missionary Park shared with us some last parting words, “the mission starts now. The seeds that you have planted will be growing and you need to continue to pray for these people and for Peru.” So this is what I will do. I will continue to pray for Peru and for Missionary Park’s ministry as I also continue to mission in my everyday life. My ministry is where God has placed me now- in Sunday School, in College/YA group, in my school, in my family- and I want to do my best to make my life, my life mission to serve others and to glorify God.  


이번 선교는 저의 5번째이자 저에게 특별한 시간이었습니다. 제가 많이 배우며 하나님의 은혜를 받았지만 특별히 도전 받은것은 우리 교회의 지도자들, 박 선교사님과 그 분의 사역, 그리고  그곳에 계신 선생님들과 Colegio Good People 학교를 통해서 입니다. 이번 선교는 제가 처음 간 선교지, 주님을 처음으로 알고 사랑하게된,  Albania와 많이 비슷한 점이 많아서 더욱 많이 생각하고 기억하게 되었습니다. 많은 것들을 나누고 싶지만 특별히 4가지를 나누고 싶습니다.

  1. 하나님께서 더욱 더 저를 리더로 키우신다는 것입니다. 무엇보다도 우리의 선교팀이 성장하는 것이 저에게는 감사와 기쁨이었습니다. 이제는 목사님이 말씀하신 제일 보기 원하시 것이 우리가 성장하는 모습이시라는 것을 이해 할수 있습니다. 특히 저의 소그룹에서 그들과 삶을 나누고 선교 훈련과  VBS을 통해 아이들을 섬기는 모습을 보며 저의 마음은 감사로 넘쳤습니다. 저도 제 자신을 뒤돌아보며 처음 Albania 선교때 Nicole하고 제일 어린나이로 갈 때와 지금 제모습이 얼마나 성장했는지 알게 되었습니다. 그때에도 물이 없어 작은 물병 두세개로 겨우 샤워했었습니다. 이번 선교에도 물이 없어 샤워를 잘 할 수없었지만 리더로서 여자 아이들의 머리를 감기며 그 시간에 그들을 위해 기도하는 시간을 갖게 되었습니다. 또한 quiet time 을 통해 하나님은 저에게 예수님의 복음을 전할때의 담대함과 자신감을 더하셨습니다. 저는 말씀으로 받은 격려와 결단을 가지고 집에 돌아와서도 이런 삶을 살며 특히 저의 아빠와 주님을 모르는 친구들에게 자신있게 전하려 합니다.
  2. 저는 컴플렉스, 교만, 그리고 두려움이 하나님께 저의 최고를 드리는데에 장애물이 되지 않기를 원합니다. 저는 늘 미리 준비하기를 좋아하는 사람이기에 어떻게 세미나가 진행될건지, 몇명이 올건지, 어디서 하는지 미리 알고 싶었습니다. 하지만 저는 당일전까지 어떤 답도 들을 수 없었습니다. 그래서 주님을 의지할 수 밖에 없었습니다. 얼마나 제가 약한자인지, 얼마나 내 방법만 고집했는지, 얼마나 사람들에게 인정받고 싶어 하는지를 알게외고 세미나를 시작하면서는 주님께 끊임없이 무릎꿇어야함을 깨달았습니다. 선교 훈련동안에 세미나를 준비하며 다시한번 무엇이 Body Worship 인지 기본을 생각하게 하시고 그  또한 하나님을 예배하는 하나의 방법임을 알게 하셨습니다. 저의 컴플렉스은 저에게 있는 birthmark 입니다. 저의 삶 속에서 항상 사람들의 의문은 “너의 얼굴이 어떻게 된거야 ? 싸운거니? 누가 때렸어?“ 선교중 두번째 날 VBS때 어떤 아이가 Jackie 선생에게 제가 남편에게 맞은거냐고 물었다 했습니다. 그곳에서는 가정 폭력이 아주 일반적이기 때문입니다. 불안정, 불편함, 그리고 슬픔같은 감정들이 저의 마음에 들어올때 Jackie선생이 저에게 말씀해 주시길 아이에게 “하나님이 그녀를 그렇게 만드셨어 “라고 했다고 하셨습니다. 이 격려의 말씀을 통해 제가 birthmark을 가지고 있던 관점을 바꾸셨습니다. 그리고 다시 기억하게 되었습니다. “그렇다, 하나님이 나를 이렇게 만드셨다 그래서 나는 나의 몸과 나의 최고를 하나님께 드려야 한다는 것을!”
  3. “한 영혼을위해 간다.” 이 메시지는 저에게 큰 충격을 주었습니다. 특별히 두 분을 성장시키시며 변화되는 모습을 보게 하셨는데 Yonny 와 Jackie이었습니다. 깊게 말씀드리지 않겠지만 부흥 집회와 VBS통하여 그들의 믿음의 변화를 보았습니다. 지난 선교에서는 아이들을 저희들을 보며 행복해하고 좋아하는 것만 보였었는데 이번선교에서 이 두 분이 믿음으로 살겠다는 결단을 하셨을때는 저에게 감사가 넘쳤습니다. 저는 항상 선교가 끝나면 다시 그 선교지를 방문하고 싶었습니다. 왜냐하면 거기서 만난 아이들 때문이었습니다. 저희들의 사역이 끝나지 않길 원했습니다. Cusco 로 우리들의 비전 여행을 하면서도 박 선교사님과 그분의 사역을, 아이들을, 선생님들을,계속 생각하였습니다. “ 다시이곳에 영어를 가르치러 올까? 아이들을 섬기며 주님을 더 알릴 수 있을까?” 어린이들, Yonny Jackie만이 아니라한 영혼을 위해서라면 하는 생각을 했습니다. 그리고 이 사역과 학교가 어떻게 주님안에서 자라는지 보고싶습니다.
  4. 나의 꿈은 무엇인가? 나의 목적은 무엇인가? 선교를 앞두고 이 생각과 기도를 많이 했습니다. 졸업후 무엇을 할까? 어떤 나의 앞날 직업을 통해 하나님께 나의 베스트를 드릴수 있을까? 아직 저에게 확실하고 구체적인 답은 없지만 학생들하고 일하고 싶습니다. 특히 망가진 가족관계 속에 있는 아이들 말입니다. 제가 더욱 도전받은 것은 박선교사님의 간증 그리고 우리를 인도해준 여행사 직원의 이야기였습니다. 꿈을 크게 꾸고 그들의 꿈을 따라 학교를 만들고 기업을 세워서 혼자된 어머니들에게 현실적으로 도움을 줄 수있게 되었다고 하였습니다. 특별히 박선교사님의 간증속에 지금까지의 삶이 항상 하나님이 하셨다고 영광을 돌리시는 모습이 저에게는 도전이었습니다. 아직 저는 무엇을 할지 모릅니다. 무엇을 하던지 주님께 영광 올려드릴수 있도록, 나의 꿈이 무엇인지 지금과 같은 마음으로 끊임없이 기도할것 입니다. 
제가 언제 다시 갈 수 있을지는 모르겠지만 박선교사님께서 헤어지면서 말씀하신것은 “선교는 지금 부터이다! 여러분이 뿌린 씨앗은 자랄것이다. 여러분이 여기에있는 모든 사람들과 페루를 위해 계속적인 기도가 필요하다!” 이셨습니다. 그래서 저는 그렇게 할 것입니다.  페루와 박선교사님의 사역을 위해 기도하며 끊임없이 저의 매일 삶속에서도 선교하기를 계속 할 것입니다. 이제 저의 선교지는 지금 제가 있는 이 곳입니다. 저의 사역지는 하나님이 저에게 있으라고 하신곳, 주일학교, 대학청년부, 나의 대학교, 나의 가족 입니다. 저는 섬김으로 제 삶속에서 선교가 이루어지고 제 삶 자체가 주님께 영광이 될수 있도록 최선을 다할 것입니다.
Candy Shim

As my first time at mission, I had very few expectations, I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into, only knowing that we will be serving a school on the outskirts of Peru. Even going through mission training, I knew of everything, but didn’t know exactly what they were: pantomime, choir, seminar, body worship. But through this mission, I had the opportunity to co-lead small group with Katherine, dance to Shackles and Can’t Live a Day, sing with the altos in choir, take part in tree pantomime, be a part of sunday school seminar, and do activities and crafts with 4-yr olds. Looking back now that’s a lot more than I ever thought I would be involved in and there’s really nothing that I did, but truly through the power and grace of God, I was able to experience so many blessings through each one of these things: QT, pantomime, choir, interactions with students and teachers, small group. Being able to see and experience how God works and how his spirit moves through the lives of different people, including myself, has been the greatest blessings this mission. But there are 3 things that God has revealed to me through Peru: people’s heart to serve the Lord, his heart for his people, and the heart he has given to me.

People’s Heart to Serve the Lord

Serving alongside the teachers of Colegio Good People and being apart of Sunday school seminar, a challenge and encouragement was to see the passion they had. Seeing how much the students love the teachers, showed me how much love the teachers pour upon their students. Also, teachers and members of the church coming to seminar to learn the outline of how Cornerstone runs Sunday school, Sunday school praise, and lesson plans. Even Missionary Park and his ministry, Colegio Cristiano Good People inspires me. Seeing the passion and heart they have to serve the Lord in raising/planting seeds in the children of the next generation to see the expansion of God’s kingdom. And lastly, to experience and watch the growth of my small group members: Kat, Romelia, Annie, Kayla, and Natalie. Listening to how much has changed from the beginning of mission training to now has shown how much God has transformed their heart: from just wanting to see how God works in a different country to surrendering all power to serve the Lord no matter how tired they were. 

God’s Heart for His People

The second part of mission we served in for VBS at Cosmo church showed me how much love God pours upon all his people. Names of kids I remember: Carlos, Andres, Sebastian, and Joel. For children who have so much less than I had growing up, to see how bright and lively they were during VBS warmed my heart. Second day of VBS, to see them running in excitement with a smile on their faces, just showed me how much love God pours upon all his people no matter where or what situation. And with the love God pours onto his people, he has also given me the heart to serve in a very sensitive area in my life. 

Heart God has Given Me 

Reflecting back on this mission and all the blessings I have received, I am truly in awe as to how God delivered a message everyday. Reading through QT and through the life of Paul, I have been challenged by his persistence in whatever circumstance or location to boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus. As we served in Peru, there was a language barrier and cultural differences, but through the grace and power of God, I was able to communicate with the students, interact with them, create relationships with them, and talk about God with them. But at the same time, this challenged me: why is it so hard to minister in the same way I did at this mission to my close friends and family? There is no language or cultural barrier, but why is it so difficult? For me, as a new believer 2 years ago watching gospel pantomime at church to a person that is a part of it as a mission member this year was the greatest blessing to me. To reflect on how the main character used to be me and looking back on how much God has transformed me, gave me the burning desire, heart and hope as I come back home: to continue the greatest mission in my life of spreading the gospel, prayer for, and pouring God’s love upon, specifically my close friends and family, through not only my words, but my facial expressions and actions: people most important in my life who are lost souls that I once was too. 

처음으로 가게된 페루선교 많은걸 기대하지도 않았고 제가 과연 무슨일을 하러 그곳에 가는지도 그저 그곳에 어려운 환경속에아이들에게 봉사를 하러 간다고만 생각했던 저는 가기전 미션 트레이닝 중 판토마임, 콰이어, 세미나, 바디워싑을 통해서 많은걸 배우고 준비했지만 정확히 모든걸 알지 못했었습니다

이번 선교에서 저한테는 케더린과 소그룹 리더로 댄스, 알토로 콰이어에, 판토마임의 나무역활로, 주일 세미나의 4살짜리 아이들의 선생님으로 어린아이들과의 모든 액티비티들, 이 모든시간들이 주님의 힘으로 모든 여정 같이 하셨다고 생각합니다

저는 큐티, 판토마임, 콰이어, 학교 학생들과 선생님들과의 많은 활동, 그리고 소그룹을 통해 많은 경험을 크나큰 축복을 받았고이번 페루선교를 통해 그들의 주님에 대한 사랑, 그들과 저를 사랑하시는 주님의 크나큰 사랑을 보았습니다. 첫번째로 굿피플학교 선생님들과 주일학교 세미나를 통해 본 그들의 무한한 노력과 섬김 그리고 그들의 열정도 보았고 어린 학생들 눈을 통해선생님을 향한 사랑도 보았고 그 선생님들의 아이들에 대한 무한한 사랑또한 보았습니다. 그 선생님들과 모든 그곳 교회식구들에게 세미나를 통한 우리 코너스톤 교회 소개와 모든 랫슨과 말씀배우기, 또 박선교사님과 그쪽 섬김자들, 굿피플 식구들의 열정은 참으로 감동이었습니다. 그들의 열정과 따뜻한 마음으로 주님을 섬기고 또 그 씨를 뿌려 널리 어린학생들을 통해 그 다음세대에 이르기까지 널리 주님을 섬기고 그들이 주안에 오기를… 마지막으로 이번 페루선교를 통해서 제 스몰그룹친구들 켓, 로멜리아, 애니, 케일리, 나탈리를 통해 그들의 변화와 사랑의 성장도 보았습니다 다른나라에서 편하지 못한 곳에서 그 어떤 피곤이 몰려와도 주님은 주저하지 않으시고 저희 편이셨습니다. 두번째, 저희들의 두번째 선교였던 코스모교회에서의 여름성경학교에서 보여줬던 주님의 크신사랑. 제가 기억하는 아이들 칼로스, 안드레스, 세바스챤, 그리고 조엘… 제가 성장할때를 기억할때모든것들이 턱없이 부족하고 갖지 못한 아이들, VBS를 통해 본 그 아이들의 밝고 명랑함 제 가슴속에 넣어왔습니다. VBS 이틀째되던날 즐겁게 뛰어놀던 아이들의 밝은 미소와 눈망울을 통해 얼마나 주님께서 이 모든 아이들에게 무조건적인 사랑을 퍼 부으셨는지 알 수 있었고 그들을 통해 또 그들을 위해 제가 섬기고 봉사할수 있게 해주심에 감사했습니다. 세번째, 모든 여정을 통해 축복받음에 매이매일 저에게 메세지를 주셨고 큐티를 통해 폴의 삶을 통해 저에게 어떤 상황이나 제 위치에 상관없이 주님이같이 하셨습니다. 페루에서의 선교, 많은 언어 소통의 곤란함도 문화차이도 있었지만 모든게 주님의 힘으로 행할수 있었고 저는그나마 아이들과 언어소통이 되는 사람중에 한사람으로 많은 아이들과 교류가 있었고 관계를 맺었고 그들에게 주님을 알릴 수있었습니다 하지만 동시에 저는 저에게 질문이 생겼습니다.. 왜 과연 선교에서 이렇게 그들에게 하듯이 저의 절친이나 가족들에겐 똑같이 못했었나하고… 우린 아이들과 같이 다른언어를 쓰는것도 아니고 같은 문화권에 아무런 어려움이 없는데도 왜 그것이 어려웠던걸까하고… 2년전 판토마임에서 한 역활을 했던 친구 한명이 이번 선교에도 같이 갔었는데 전 그 친구에게 많은 축복을 받았고 바로 그때 그 역활이 제 자신의 모습이었고 변화된 그리고 그걸 바꾸려는 제 모습을 보고 집으로 돌아가는 발걸음에 가슴이 뜁니다 너무나도 감동 깊었던 이번 페루선교를 통해 내 인생에 가스펠로 기도를 그리고 주님의 사랑을 한껏 받았습니다. 지난 세달전부터 미션트레이닝로부터 시작해서 듣고 보고 체험하고 느낀 많은 점들이 특히 저의 제일 가까운 친구와 가족들에게 제 말이 아닌, 제 얼굴에 쓰여진 표정이 아닌, 그 어떤 행동이 아닌 아주 큰 변화가 왔고 제 인생에서 제일 중요한 사람들 그들의 영혼도 제가 그랬듯이 변화가 오기를 바랍니다.


Justin Kim

God is good. Honestly i had doubts on effectiveness of our mission. But God proved me wrong. Just as missionary Park and Mike JSN said, we have prepared a ministry fit for 50 people, and God used us faithfully. It was amazing to see God move in the hearts of the students and the local pastors and teachers. But the biggest blessing I experienced was through a teacher named Yonny, a math teacher in missionary Park’s school. Yonny has a servant’s heart. No matter how early or late we knocked to enter the school, he welcomed us with a warm smile. After a round or two of watching us lead AWANA, he started leading it on his own. During the program, he learned how to use our mixer from Jay JSN. One day, we had to leave some equipments on the stage for an event. When we came back late night to clean up, we found out that Yonny had cleaned up everything on his own. This was the night after the revival in which Yonny raised his hand to dedicate his life to Christ. 목사님 always peaches that we go on missions for that one soul. And Yonny was that one soul. Seeing Yonny dedicate his life to Christ made me look back on my life, before and after I dedicated my life to Christ. Before, I was afraid to say that I was a Christian to my friends. Now, I boldly declare that I am a Christian to my coworkers. Broken as I am, God has been using me in Sunday school, campus ministry, and in my friends and family. I’m grateful for all that He did so far, and all that He will do through me. Just as God changed my life, I know God can change anyone’s life. Just as God is working in my life, I know God is working in people’s lives. I personally got to see God move mightily in Yonny’s life, but this is only one out of many lives God used our mission team to touch, change, and save. Thank You God for letting me experience this first hand.
It was about a year ago when I decided to go on this mission. When I made the decision, I was a recent college graduate, few months into my first-ever job, and I was praying to God for a vision for the rest of my life. Foolish as I was, I even gave God a time limit, hoping for an answer by the time I came back from mission, thinking a year is enough time for God to give me an answer by. I hoped God would give me a specific calling, like Sunday school or campus ministry, or a nation, like Turkey or Peru. But the message God gave me constantly throughout the year and training and mission through the two 박선교사님s and 목사님 and everyone else was this. To be a true Christian, a true disciple of Christ, always, in all circumstances. To love the Lord my God with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength, and all my mind. To love my neighbor as I love myself. To love my enemies. To worship God with everything I have, wherever He placed me. As I serve God faithfully now, He will call me and use me as He sees fit, wherever it may be. I determine to be all the more faithfully in my life, to my parents, to my sister, to my friends, to my coworkers, to my students, to my small group, to my church, to everyone I interact with. I pray that God may turn my scars and everything in my life to testimonies. Though I may not know specifically where or what ministry God called me into, I know He called me to be a faithful disciple of Christ who obeys. I pray that I may be ready where I am now, so that I may be used for God’s glory wherever I may be.

좋으신 하나님을 찬양합니다. 솔직히 선교가기 전, 저희 선교가 얼마나 효과가 있을지 의심했었습니다. 하지만 하나님을 제가 틀렸다는 걸 증명해주셨습니다. 박영환 선교사님과 마이크 집사님이 말씀해 주신것같이, 저희는 50명에게 알맞은 사역을 준비했고, 하나님은 저희를 신실히 써주셨습니다. 많은 아이들, 주변 교회 목사님들, 그리고 선생님들의 마음을 움직이시는 하나님을 직접 체험할 수 있던건 너무나도 큰 축복이였습니다. 하지만 그 중에서도 가장 큰 축복은 박영환 선교사님의 학교에서 수학 선생님으로 일하시는 Yonny 선생님을 만난 것이었습니다. Yonny 선생님은 섬기는 자의 마음을 가지고 계십니다. 저희 선교팀이 아무리 일찍, 아무리 늦게 학교 교문을 두드려도, Yonny 선생님은 항상 따듯한 미소로 저희를 반겨 주셨습니다. 저희가 리드했던 AWANA를 한 두번 본 후, Yonny 선생님은 우리보다 더 자연스럽게 AWANA를 같이 인도하기 시작했습니다. 저희 프로그램을 하는 도중 Jay 집사님을 통해 오디오 믹서 시스템 사용법도 익히고, Jay 집사님이 바쁠때 대신 해서 도와주기까지 했습니다. 하루는 저희가 바쁜 스케줄 때문에 무거운 스피커와 다른 짐들을 무대에 그대로 내버려두고 떠난적이 있습니다. 그날 늦은 밤, 정리하려고 돌아온 저희 선교팀이 발견한건 너무나도 깨끗히 정리된 무대였습니다. Yonny 선생님이 혼자서 모든 걸 정리했던것이였죠. 바로 전날 밤, Yonny 선생님은 저희 선교팀이 인도한 부흥회에서 예수님께 생명을 드리겠다고 울면서 손을 들었습니다. 목사님은 항상 저희가 한 영혼을 위하여 선교를 행한다고 하십니다. Yonny 선생님이 바로 이 한 영혼이었습니다. Yonny 선생님이 예수님께 삶을 드리겠다고 고백한 후, 저는 예수님을 믿기 전과 믿은 후에 저의 삶을 돌아봤습니다. 믿기 전 저는 교회는 다녔지만, 다른 사람들에게 제가 그리스도인이라고 말할 수 없었습니다. 이제는 전 회사 직원들에게 까지 제가 그리스도인이라고 당당히 말하고 다닙니다. 너무나도 전 부족하지만, 하나님께선 저를 통해 주일학교와, 대학선교단체와, 친구와, 가족들에게 역사하고 계십니다. 지금 까지 행하신 모든일과 끝날까지 저를 통해 행하실 주님의 일을 저는 믿고 감사합니다. 하나님이 저의 삶을 변화시킨 것 처럼, 전 하나님이 어느 누구의 삶도 변화시킬 수 있다는걸 압니다. 하나님의 저의 삶안에서 역사하시고 계시듯이, 전 하나님이 다른 사람의 삶에서 역사하시고 계신다는 걸 압니다. 전 직접적으로 하나님이 Yonny 선생님의 삶 안에서 역사하시는 걸 봤습니다. 하지만 이건 저희 선교팀을 통해서 하나님이 만져주시고, 변화시키시고, 구원해주신 많은 영혼 중 한명 뿐입니다. 단 한명을 통해서도 이렇게 큰 은혜를 받게해주신 하나님께 감사하고, 역사하신 다른 많은 영혼들에 더 감사합니다.
전 한 일년전 이 선교를 가겠다는 결심을 했습니다. 제가 이 선택을 했을때, 전 대학에서 갓 졸업하고, 회사에서 일하기 시작한지 얼마 안되는 사회 초보자였고, 하나님께 제 삶의 목적을 달라고 기도했습니다. 바보같았던 저는 제가 선교가 끝나고 돌아올때까지 응답해 달라고 하나님께 시간 제한까지 두었습니다. 일년이면 하나님께서 응답하기에 충분한 시간이라고 생각했었죠. 전 하나님께서 저에게 구체적인 목표를 주시길 원했습니다. 주일학교나, 대학선교단체, 아니면 터키나 페루같은 나라를 주시길 원했습니다. 하지만 선교를 가겠다고 결심한 후 부터 지금까지 하나님께서 목사님과, 두 박선교사님과, 다른 많은 사람들을 통해 저에게 주셨던 일정한 말씀은 이것이었습니다. 네가 있는 그곳에서, 어떤 상황 속에서도, 항상, 진실된 그리스도인으로, 진실된 그리스도의 제자로 살아가라. 하나님을 온 맘과, 온 힘과, 온 영과, 온 생각을 통해 사랑하라. 이웃을 자기 사랑하듯이 사랑하라. 원수를 사랑하라. 가진 모든 것을 다해 하나님께서 부르신 그 곳에서 진심으로 예배드려라. 지금 있는 이곳에서 신실히 하나님을 섬기면, 하나님을 저를 알맞은 곳에 부르시고 쓰실 것입니다. 전 지금 있는 이곳에서 더 신실히 섬길것을 다짐합니다. 제 부모님과, 여동생과, 친구들과, 회사동료들과, 학생들과, 교회와, 만나는 모든 사람들에게 더 최선을 다해 섬기기를 다짐합니다. 하나님께서 저의 아픔과 상처들을 간증으로 변화시키시길 기도합니다. 하나님께서 저를 어느 특정한 곳에 부르셨는지는 모르지만, 하나님께서 저를 신실하고 말씀을 순종하는 예수님의 제자로 부르셨다는 것은 압니다. 저는 지금 제가 있는 이곳에서 준비해서 하나님께 영광을 돌릴수있기를 기도합니다.


VBS, Worship
코너스톤 교회 여름성경학교에 여러분의 자녀를 초대 
8/2~4  목.금.토 9:30AM ~ 3:00PM 입니다. 
회비는 한명에 $35 두명에 $65 입니다

Cornerstone Church 2018 VBS
8/2-8/4 Thursday-Saturday 9:30AM-3:00PM
Admission Price: 1 Student $35, 2 Students $65

Registration Link:
Or scan the QR code on the poster.


Cornerstone Collective, Worship

Cornerstone Collective
: Hello

Pastor Joshua: Hi

Cornerstone Collective: Can you introduce yourself and can we just hear a little bit about how your came to Christ and how you came to Cornerstone?

Pastor Joshua: Hi, my name is Joshua Suh- I’m a member of Cornerstone Church and now a 전도산님. I guess if I had to talk about my life story, it would have to start at a fairly significant event. When I was three years old, a significant life event took place where I drowned in a pool. I went in with my brother and we were playing around the pool but I fell in with my toy. My heart stopped. I was in there for several minutes but fortunately there was an electrician nearby who was supposed to be off duty, but he happened to be working that day and he got to me in the pool, he pulled me out, gave me CPR, and resuscitated me. But for me, that’s not coincidence, I believe that was kind of like a marker in my life and God’s way of telling me that He saved me because he had a purpose for my life. More than just working a 9 to 5 job, more than me living my life for myself, I believe He was claiming my life and saying, “You know, I saved your life and your life is now mine.” What He did for me physically, He did for me spiritually as well. That’s a significant event I want to mention and as I went throughout life and did the whole church routine and went to church with parents, Fridays, Sundays- didn’t think much of it until maybe 6th grade. During a winter retreat, that’s when I was saved. I really encountered the presence of God and that drastically changed my life. Through that, I remember coming home and telling my mom, “Mom, I met God and my life is forever changed. I promise I’ll do dishes everyday and I’m gonna vacuum everyday and I’m just gonna be the best son ever!” That lasted for maybe two/three weeks which is a pretty long time. Eventually, I fell into a sharp decline. But I think that kind of set up the scene for the rest of my spiritual life before I came to Cornerstone Church – a lot of ups and downs. At retreats, at these rallies or revivals I would experience these spiritual highs but after I’d experience really low lows. So basically there was no spiritual stability. Praise was very passionate but there was a huge lack of God’s word in my life. That’s where Cornerstone Church comes in. I attended my old church for 12-13 years and I never had a life of really consistent quiet times or reading scripture or diving into scripture – very passionate worship but just a huge lack of scripture. When I came to Cornerstone Church my spiritual life started to stabilize and I was no longer experiencing these high highs and low lows. As I meditated on scripture and as scripture became my foundation, I found myself being less shaken by other people’s words, being less shaken by my circumstances, and less shaken by the negative things I was experiencing in life where before the smallest thing would shake me. But having a daily life of QT and realizing the importance of having scripture as the inherent authority figure in my life- that really helped me stabilize my life and what not. So I came to Cornerstone Church – my walk with God was stabilized but when it comes to my career… I wanted to do something where I could use as a tool for God. But before this, I failed to mention that I actually knew I was called into ministry and to become a missionary early on – maybe Jr. High 7th/8th grade I had a burning passion to serve. I’ve always been serving in church but it was around Jr. High I had a heart for missions as well and I told my mom, “Mom, I’m going to be a missionary when I grow up.” I also told my high school counselor I was going to be a missionary and she went into the office and said, “I HAVE MY FIRST MISSIONARY!!” And I was just like, “Ohhhh, thank you” So I always knew I wanted to go into ministry and in that direction but somewhere along the way, there was this idea that was planted in my head that I needed to be something in order for God to use me. I need to have this certain skill set and I needed to make a certain amount of income for God to use me. I also wanted a certain amount of income because I wanted to have a happy family and I wanted to be the best husband, the best father and I always believed that that required me to have a good career, a good amount of income. So I put my ministry related goals and mission related goals on hold and I kept telling myself, “Oh, I’ll do it later, I’ll go into mission later, but first I’m going to pursue this career and I’m going to make a lot of money.” I thought I was doing it for God but I was fooling myself in the end, it was for myself. It was for my own selfish desires. When scripture came into my life and became a mirror it was like “OO you aren’t doing it for the glory of God, you’re doing it for yourself.” That’s when I realized- oh my goodness, I don’t need to equip myself in a sense; I don’t need certain tools; I don’t need this or that. I heard a quote that said, “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.” Because I’m called, God is going to equip me. When I realized that, just seeing my life through God’s lens, I really had to surrender my want for financial stability, I had to surrender my wants to be this perfect father and husband. Just because I go into ministry doesn’t mean I can’t be those things but I was idolizing it, idolizing money, idolizing being this and that but I was now finding my identity, finding my being in being a child of God. So I let go of what I idealized, what I visualized for my own life and I decided, “You know what God? – there’s a hymn that goes, “I have decided to follow Jesus” and I really think that became my life song where I can say that, “God, there’s only You.” My prayer was, “God, You’re enough and there’s nothing more I need in this world.” Looking at the life that Paul lived, he was so broken all the time. Poor – he didn’t have to be in that state. He chose to live a life that served God to the fullest and he was so full of joy because Christ was the center, not because of his circumstances or his possessions. So for me, it’s like man! I know that’s the life God wants me to live – with abandon for the things of this world and just abandoning my desires, my will and saying “God, not my will but Yours be done.” So that’s why I entered into ministry and I really believe that I’m doing what God has called me to do. And you know, honestly, I’m happier. Now that I’m doing what God has called me to do, I feel like a fish in water. Whereas before, pursuing these other jobs, studying for the GRE, or trying to be an OT – I really felt out of place but I put those feelings aside. I kept saying, “Oh I want this, I want this.” But now that I’m doing what I believe I was called to do, it’s like, “Oh! This is it! I know God, this is what you had for me.” So when I wake up, it’s no longer like, “UGH! I’m waking up at like 5:30 in the morning for 새벽 기도. It’s like man, I get to wake up and serve God. I am full of joy, my body is tired at times but my spirit is just so full.

Cornerstone Collective: Thank You. I guess the last question would be, what does Cornerstone meant to you?

Pastor Joshua: Cornerstone means foundation. Cornerstone I feel like to me is rock. Another way of saying foundation. I really can’t put it into other words because spiritually, Cornerstone has been so crucial in my spiritual development, in my spiritual formation. Like I shared before, without Cornerstone Church, I still would have been in that up and down state. Without scripture, without realizing the importance of scripture in my life, and without daily meditation of scripture in my life, my spiritual life would have been a wreck. I guarantee that. I still would have been experiencing these high highs where I’m just like “AHHAHAHHH” and low lows where I’m like “No one talk to me, I’m going through a moment right now :(” I literally used to do that and I used to shut people out and go into hermit mode. Literally I’d  shut down my facebook and tell people not to talk to me. But for me, after scripture and Christ became my center, I feel so much more stable, no matter what life’s been throwing at me. Yeah, things get hard but I find myself overcoming it. In that way, Cornerstone has just been a foundation on which I can stand. Christ, scripture has been my Cornerstone and that’s why I’m not being shaken. At the same time, Cornerstone Church itself – these days the word that I relate cornerstone to has been family. When Paul writes to the Corinthian Church, when he writes to these different churches, and when he said “brother,” he genuinely meant that. I’m connected with the members of Cornerstone Church through something that’s deeper than biological blood and that’s the blood of Jesus. And just realizing that and serving at this church with 목사님 and 사모님 seeing how they genuinely treat me as a precious child of God and how much they pour out into my life, having fellowship with the Jr. High students, the High School students, with College/Young Adult all way to the Sunday school, young students, I feel like I’m a part of a family. A genuine body of Christ. I think that’s something that’s really special that not many people have. I have a family in Christ and Cornerstone has become my family. I’m really thankful for 목사님 and 사모님 because of the way they show me love and I really feel like that’s how God loves me in the sense that it’s very unconditional. They pour out so much and give me so much that I don’t know where to start in repaying them. There’s nothing I can do to repay them. I can’t give them money. I can’t buy them nice clothes, I can’t buy them diamonds. I don’t have the money to do that. But I can only express my gratitude – “thank you guys so much.” But I feel like their display of love towards me is a Godly love because that’s the same relationship I have with God. No matter how much I do for God, there’s nothing I can ever do to repay the debt that Christ payed for me. All I can do it express my gratitude and try. I don’t know what else to give you (God) but my life. And so, that’s why I’m thankful for목사님 and 사모님 and countless others: Pastor Sung, Pastor David, all the leaders that have just invested in to my life in that way. The Jr. High teachers, the Sunday School teachers, all invested into my life in ways where I don’t know how to repay them, I can’t do anything but to just thank God and thank them and to live a life of gratitude. That’s why I can never complain. There are just so many blessings. I don’t have a Bugatti, I don’t have a Lamborghini, I live in the closet right now (a literal closet where I can’t even stretch my arms out all the way) but I can’t help waking up and saying, “Thank you God. I have so much. I really have so much and there’s nothing I can complain about.” It’s all because of Him.

Cornerstone Collective: 안녕하세요.

Joshua 전도사님: 안녕하세요.

Cornerstone Collective: 자기 소개와 함께 어떻게 예수님을 영접했고 어떻게 코너스톤 교회에 오게 되었는지 들어봐도 될까요?

Joshua 전도사님: 안녕하세요. 제 이름은 Joshua Suh 입니다. 코너스톤 교회의 일원이고 이젠 전도사님 입니다. 제가 저의 삶의 대해 얘기를 해야 한다면, 꽤 중요한 사건에서 부터 시작해야 합니다. 제가 3살때, 수영장에서 익사할뻔한 경험이 있었습니다. 저희 형과 함께 수영장 바깥에서 놀다가 장난감과 함께 빠졌습니다. 제 심장이 멈췄었죠. 몇 분 동안 물안에 있었지만 다행히도 근처에 전기 기사가 쉬는 날이여야 했는데 어떤 이유로 근처에서 일하다가 절 수영장에서 꺼내고, 응급호흡을 해주고, 다시 살려냈습니다. 하지만 저에겐 이건 우연이 아니었습니다. 전 이것이 제 인생의 하나의 중점이라고 믿고 하나님이 저에게 목적이 있으시기에 살렸다라고 말한거라고 믿습니다. 아침 아홉시부터 다섯시 까지 일하는 직장보다, 제가 제 삶을 저 자신만을 위해 사는 것 보다, 하나님이 제 삶을 주장하시고 “너는 내가 구했기에 이제 너의 삶은 내 것이다” 라고 말씀 하시는 것이었습니다. 저에게 육적으로 행하신 것을 하나님은 저에게 영적으로도 행하셨습니다. 저는 태어났을때부터 부모님과 함께 규칙적으로 금요일과 주일마다 교회를 갔지만, 한 초등학교 6학년 까지는 별 생각없이 갔습니다. 하지만 그때 겨울 수련회에서 저는 구원을 받았습니다. 저는 진실로 하나님을 체험 했고 제 삶은 너무나도 크게 달라졌습니다. 그 경험을 통해 집에 돌아와 어머니께 이렇게 말했던 기억이 있습니다. “엄마, 내가 하나님을 만났고 내 삶은 이제 영원토록 변했어. 매일 매일 설거지 하기로 약속하고 청소기 돌리기로 약속하고 세상에서 가장 좋은 아들이 될께!” 이게 한 2/3주 정도 갔던 걸로 기억하는데, 꽤 긴 시간 이였습니다. 하지만 결국 급한 내리막길로 떨어졌죠. 하지만 이 것이 코너스톤 교회를 만나기 전 저의 영적 삶을 설명하는것 같습니다. 많이 올라갔다 내려갔죠. 수련회나, 집회나, 부흥회에서는 영적으로 높은 것을 채험했다가 그 후에는 정말 낮은 것들은 경험했습니다. 딱 말하자면 영적 기반이 없었죠. 찬양은 정말 열정적이였지만 제 삶엔 하나님의 말씀이 너무나도 부족했습니다. 여기서 코너스톤 교회가 등장합니다. 제 전 교회를 한 12~13년 정도 다녔는데 전 한번도 한결같은 QT생활이나 말씀 읽는 생활이나 말씀에 빠진 적이 없었습니다. 예배에선 정말 열정적이였지만 말씀이 삶에 그저 존재하지 않았죠. 코너스톤 교회에 오고서 부터 저의 영적인 삶이 안정되기 시작했고 너무 영적으로 흥분하거나 절망하는 경험이 없어졌습니다. 말씀을 묵상하고 말씀이 저의 반석이 되면서, 다른 사람들의 말로 덜 흔들리는 제 자신을 발견했고, 저의 상황에서 덜 흔들렸고, 삶이 주는 부정적인 경험으로부터 덜 흔들리는 걸 경험하기 시작했습니다. 전에는 아주 작은 일로도 시험받았는데 말이죠. 하지만 매일 QT의 삶을 살고 하나님의 말씀을 저의 내자하시는 권위자로 삼으니 제 삶이 안정적으로 되는데 큰 도움이 되었습니다. 코너스톤 교회에 오고서 하나님과의 삶은 안정적이 되었지만 제 직장은… 하나님의 도구로 사용받는 일을 하고싶었습니다. 그 전에, 제가 말하는걸 잊어버렸는데 전 제가 사역자로 부르심을 받고 선교사가 될 것이라는걸 일찍부터 알았습니다. 한 중학교 7/8학년도즈음에 불타는 열정으로 섬기고 싶은 마음이 있었습니다. 전 항상 교회를 섬겼었지만 중학교때 선교를 향한 마음이 있어서 어머니께 “엄마, 난 커서 선교사가 될꺼야.” 라고 말했었고, 고등학교 상담선생님께 선교사가 된다고 말한 후 그 선생님께서 “내 첫 선교사가 나타났어!” 라고 사무실에서 말하고 전 “아. 감사합니다” 라고 말한 적도 있습니다. 이렇게 전 항상 사역을 하고 싶었고 그 쪽 방향으로 가고 싶었는걸 알았는데 가던 길에 제게 어떤 것이 있어야지만 주님이 절 쓰실 수 있다는 생각이 머리에 박혔습니다. 전 그 특정한 기술이 있어야만, 어느 정도 돈을 벌어야만 하나님이 절 쓸 수 있다고 생각했습니다. 그리고 전 행복한 가정을 원하고 최고의 남편, 최고의 아버지가 되고싶었고, 그러려면 어느정도 좋은 직장이 필요하고, 좋은 수입이 필요하다고 믿었기에, 어느 정도에 월급을 원했습니다. 그래서 전 저의 사역과 선교에 관한 목표들을 잠시 접어두고 스스로 “나중에 할게, 선교도 나중에 갈께. 먼저 이 직장을 쫓고 돈을 많이 벌 거야” 라고 되뇌었습니다. 전 제가 하나님을 위해서 일한다고 생각했는데 결국 제 자신을 속이고 제 자신을 위해 일하고 있던 것이었습니다. 제 이기적인 욕심을 채우기 위해서였죠. 주님 말씀이 제 삶에 들어오고 말씀이 제 거울이 되었을때 “넌 하나님의 영광을 위해서 일하는게 아니라 너 자신을 위해서 일하는 거야” 라는 걸 깨달았고, 장비를 갖추는게 아니라, 어떤 도구들이 필요한게 아니라, 이것 저것이 필요한게 아니라, “하나님은 준비된 자를 부르시는게 아니라, 부르신 자를 준비시킨다” 라는 말처럼, 하나님이 날 부르셨기에 하나님이 날 준비하실 것임을 알게 되었습니다. 그 후에 제 삶을 주님의 눈으로 보니 경제적인 안정을 원하는 제 마음을 주님께 내려놓아야 했고, 완벽한 아버지와 남편이 되겠다는 마음을 내려놓아야 했습니다. 제가 사역을 한다고 이것들을 못한다는건 아니지만, 전 이것들과 돈을 우상처럼 섬기고 있었는데, 이젠 하나님의 자녀로서 제 자신이 누구인지를 찾았습니다. 그래서 제 우상들을 내려놓고, 제가 그렸던 제 삶을 내려놓고, “주님 뜻대로 살기로 했네” 라는 찬송가가 내 인생에 노래가 되겠다고 결단했고, “하나님, 당신 밖에 없습니다.” 라고 이제 고백할 수 있습니다. 제 기도는 “하나님, 당신이면 충분하고 그 이상으로 필요한 건 없습니다.” 사도 바울의 삶을 보면, 그의 삶은 항상 고난으로 가득찼습니다. 그는 가난했지만, 그래야 할 필요도 없었습니다. 그는 하나님을 최선을 다해 섬기는 삶을 살기로 선택했고, 그는 그의 상황과 물질이 아닌 주님이 중심에 있었기에 기쁨으로 가득찬 삶을 살았습니다. 전 제가 이런 삶을 살고 싶다는 걸 압니다. 세상과 나의 욕심, 내 뜻을 내려놓고 “주님, 제 뜻 말고 주님의 뜻 이루소서” 라고 고백하는 삶을 살고 싶습니다. 그래서 전 사역자의 삶을 살기 시작했고 진심으로 주님이 절 사역자로 부르셨다고 믿습니다. 그리고 솔직히 전 지금이 더 행복합니다. 주님일을 하기 시작하니까 물 만난 물고기 같습니다. 다른 직장을 쫓고 GRE를 공부하거나 작업치료자가 되고싶을때에는 제가 제 자신이 아닌 것 같았지만 그런 마음을 밀어내고 계속 “아냐 난 이걸 원해, 이걸 원해” 라고 속으로 반복했다면, 이제 주님이 부르신 일을 한다고 믿으니 “주님! 이것입니다! 이게 하나님께서 절 위해 준비한 일입니다.” 라는 마음이 있습니다. 이제는 더이상 일어나도 “악! 새벽 다섯시 반 새벽기도를 위해 일어나야하네!” 가 아니라 “주님을 섬기기 위해 일어날 수 있네”가 되었습니다. 기쁨으로 가득찬, 몸은 피곤하지만 영은 충만한 삶을 살고 있습니다.

Cornerstone Collective: 감사합니다. 마지막 질문은, 코너스톤은 당신에게 무슨 뜻입니까?

Joshua 전도사님: 코너스톤은 토대입니다. 코너스톤은 제게 돌같은 느낌입니다. 토대를 다른 말로 표현한 것이죠. 말로 잘 표현할수가 없는게 영적으로 코너스톤은 제 영적 성장, 영적 형성 과정에 너무나도 중요한 역할 이기 때문입니다. 전에 말했듯이, 코너스톤이 아니었다면, 전 아직도 올라갔다 내려가는 곳에 있었겠죠. 말씀이 없이, 말씀의 중요성을 모르는 저의 삶은, 매일 말씀을 묵상하지 않는 저의 삶은 엉망이었겠죠. 확신합니다. 아직도 영적 흥분으로 “하하하하” 하고 절망으로 “아무도 내게 말걸지마. 난 지금 너무나도 힘들어 :(“ 라는 경험을 하고 있겠죠. 전 진실로 이렇게 행하고 사람들을 제 삶에서 밀어내고 혼자서 외톨이가 된적이 있습니다. 말 그대로 Facebook을 비활성화 시키고 사람들에게 내게 말걸지 말라고 했었습니다. 하지만 말씀과 예수님이 제 삶의 중심이 된 이후론 삶에 어떤 일이 있든 너무나도 안정적입니다. 어려운일이 없는건 아니지만 전 그것들을 이겨 나갑니다. 이런 부분에선 코너스톤은 제가 설수있는 토대입니다. 예수님과 말씀은 제 코너스톤이기에 전 흔들리지 않습니다. 동시에, 코너스톤 교회는 저에게 가족입니다. 사도 바울이 고린도교회에게, 다른 교회들에게 편지를쓸때, “형제”라는 단어를 쓸때, 그는 진심이였습니다. 전 코너스톤교회 멤버들과 피보다 깊은, 예수님의 피를 통한 관계가 있습니다. 이것을 깨닫고 목사님과 사모님과 함께 섬기고 그들이 저를 정말 귀한 하나님의 자녀로 대하고 제 삶을 위해 부어주시고, 중고등부, 대학/청년부, 초등부와 어린 학생들까지 함께 친교를 나누며 정말 한 가족이란걸 느낍니다. 진정한 예수님의 몸. 이건 정말 귀하고 특별하고, 많은 사람들이 갖지 못한 것이라고 생각합니다. 전 예수안에서 가족이있고, 코너스톤은 제 가족이 되었습니다. 목사님과 사모님께서 저에게 보여주시는 사랑때문에 너무나도 감사하고, 조건 없이 사랑하시는 부분이 하나님이 저를 사랑하시는 것과 비슷하다고 생각합니다. 정말 끝도없이 사랑을 부어주시고 나누시니 이 은혜를 어디서 부터 갚아야 할지 모르겠습니다. 갚을 방법도 없죠. 돈을 줄 수도 없고, 좋은 옷을 사줄수도없고, 다이아몬드를 사줄수도 없습니다. 전 그런 돈이 없습니다. 제가 할수있는건 제 감사함을 표현하는것 밖에 없습니다 “감사합니다”.  그들이 저에게 보여주는 사랑이 하나님의 사랑이라고 느끼는데 그 이유는 이것이 저와 하나님과의 관계와 같기 때문입니다.제가 하나님을 위해 아무리 노력해도, 전 절대 예수님이 제게 해주신 빚을 갚을 수 없습니다. 그저 감사하고 노력할뿐이죠. 하나님께 제 생명말고 무엇을 줄수있을지 모르겠습니다. 그래서 전 목사님과 사모님과 너무나도 많은사람들, 성표전도사님, 철호전도사님, 그리고 제 삶에 투자하신 모든 리더들에게 감사합니다. 중등부 선생님들, 초등부선생님들 모두 제 삶에 함께하셨는데 갚을 방법이 없습니다. 그저 하나님께 감사하고, 감사하는 삶을 살겠습니다. 그래서 전 불평할수 없습니다. 너무나도 많은 축복이 제 삶에 있기 때문이죠. Bugatti는 없고, Lamborghini는 없고, 팔도 쭉 뻗을 수 없는 옷장에서 살지만, 기쁨과 하나님께 감사로 매일 아침 일어나는 걸 멈출수가없습니다. 모든게 주님의 은혜입니다


Cornerstone Collective, Worship

Cornerstone Collective:
Can you introduce yourself and talk about how you came to Christ?

Pastor David: Well, my name is David Lee, korean name, 이철호. I came to Christ when I was pretty young in San Antonio, Texas, where I was born. At that time, our church’s Sunday School was just getting started. We had one of our first VBS’ (Summer Vacation Bible Schools) when I was around 5 or 6. There are two memories that are still clear in my mind. One was the VBS that Sam Benedict, who was the Sunday School teacher at the time, was leading and other was the alter call. If I remember correctly there weren’t that many students there. That was when I put my faith in Christ and decided to follow him. Now as a young child, I don’t think I understood all the theology behind what it means to put your faith in Christ but the bare tenants were there. I knew I was a sinner; I knew Jesus was the only way; and I put my faith in Him. The theology would develop later. So that’s how I came to Christ. I was a young boy in San Antonio, Texas and that’s kind of my story of my conversion so it’s been quite a while.

CC: Leading in, can you talk about why you decided to dedicate your life to the Lord?   

Pastor David: If I get the timeline correct, I received Christ when I was around 5 and I moved to Los Angeles when I was 7. This experience that I’m going to talk about happened a year before I moved to Los Angeles. It was when I was 6. I don’t know the exact season but, I was in my room; I was playing with Legos.  I just felt this extreme urge that I needed to serve and I remember that feeling was so strong – it was to the point where I had to let go of everything I was doing and really think about it. It was just a surreal moment. Looking back on it now, I believe that’s when God really called me into the ministry. Now what had happened was, as soon as I got this experience, it felt just like…..I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. It was a surreal experience and almost like an out of body experience. But that strong urge that “you need to serve” was immediately in my mind. I thought to myself that I needed to be a Pastor. If I’m going to serve people and if I’m going to help people—that’s the way, to be a Pastor and to bring people to Jesus. I had thought about my parents, my dad, who is a Pastor. He serves people and if I’m going to do the same, I need to also be a Pastor. So I remember my parents were in the living room, on the couch, and I ran there as a 6-year-old kid and told them boldly, “when I grow up, I’m going to be a Pastor.” Now, obviously, I didn’t understand fully what that meant. But growing up as a PK, a Pastor’s Kid, God allowed me to see the ups and downs of ministry – Pastoral ministry. Yes, there’s a lot of pain there, there’s a lot of difficulties and hardships there, but ultimately when I looked at my parents, I saw that it brought them so much joy. When people were coming to Christ, when people in the church were growing in their relationship with the Lord, they were overjoyed – that made their day. I found myself eventually in college beginning to serve as a Jr. High teacher. Now up to this point in my life, after proclaiming to be a pastor as a 6-year-old child, becoming a Pastor was always in the back of my mind but things would flip flop. I looked at the difficulties and thought to myself, “Do I really want to be a Pastor?” “Do I really understand what I’m getting myself into?” But for some reason, I just couldn’t shake that feeling, shake that urge. So always in the back of my mind, it was that: “You’re going to be a Pastor, you’re going to be a Pastor.” Then when I got into college and I started serving, I started experiencing the joys of Pastoral ministry. Just keeping at it, it became a greater blessing in my life and I realized, “Man, I do believe with all my heart that this is what God has called me to do.” So after college, I went to seminary, got my M. Div., and here we are now. I’m serving as a college/YA Pastor at our church and it’s been a whole lot of fun.

CC: So you grew up in Cornerstone; you were there when it first started. Looking  and thinking back on it now – what does Cornerstone mean to you?

Pastor David: That’s a good question. I’m going to go about it in a roundabout way because yeah, I was there from the very beginning. Cornerstone started in 1993 when I was 7-years-old; that’s when we moved to LA. My first job- I guess you could say my first job to serve the church, was to line up the shoes. Our church started in the living room of my grandparents that my grandma was allowing us to live in. And I remember people would be coming in every Sunday and that got me excited. But the first thing I would do is, when people took their shoes off, I’d take their shoes – and we had stairs right next to the door – and I would start lining them up perfectly. That was me and my brother’s job. The reason why I bring that story up and fast forward to now to around 24 or 25 years – and this might have been the answer that other people gave – but I really view our church, Cornerstone, as a family. It’s a body. No, we’re not perfect. By no means are we perfect, but just the fact that we’re together, united in the blood of Christ, doing all we can to build each other up and to see that God is bringing life into families… To see God restoring brokenness, instilling in people hope and joy, even amidst the difficulties. I think that’s what family’s all about. Just living life together in Christ with this body and being able to grow up with these brothers and sisters in Christ has been such a joy and privilege. As a college/YA Pastor, looking at a lot of the students- whether I taught them in Jr. High or whether I’ve seen them since they were born, just come up and seeing how they’re going to college and maturing in Christ and serving—it’s just a joy to see. I am always challenged by everyone in our church: people who are working behind the scenes making things work, the parents who put in so much prayer, and the mothers making sure that there’s always a Sunday meal where we can gather and have that communal meal. Those are the times I really look forward to. Obviously worship is huge but that lunch time after worship when all the kids are running around. One table and the next table you see adults just congregating together. I think that’s important. There’s so many people that are serving and making this continue forward by sacrificing their time and their lives to really build each other up. That’s when I think about Cornerstone- it’s a body of Christ and that’s my prayer request going forward. That we continue to maintain the unity in Christ and do all that we can. Through the power of the Spirit, and according with scripture. So yeah, that’s what I would say I think about when you ask about, “what is Cornerstone.”

질문: 간단한 자기 소개와 하나님을 어떻게 믿게 됐는지 말해 주실 수 있나요?

철호전도사님: 제 이름은 David Lee, 한국 이름은 이철호 입니다. 저는 예수님을 꽤 어렸을때 믿게 됐습니다. 태어난 곳은 샌 안토니오 텍사스 입니다. 저희 교회 주일학교가 막 시작하던때, 첫 VBS, 여름성경학교에 참석할때 제 나이는 다섯살 이었습니다.  그때 저에게 선명하게 남은 기억이 두가지 있습니다. 하나는 주일학교 선생님이였던 Sam Benedict이 VBS때 인도하신 구원초청입니다. 제 기억엔 그때 학생들이 많은건 아니었습니다. 하지만 전 그때 예수님을 믿었고 예수님을 따르기로 했습니다. 어린 아이로서 제가 구원에 관한 신학을 완전히 이해했던건 아니지만, 예수님을 믿는 기초적인 신앙은 있었습니다. 신학에 관한 지식은 시간이 흐르면서 배웠습니다. 이렇게 제가 예수님을 믿게 되었습니다. 저는 산 안토니오 텍사스에서 어린 나이에 예수님을 꽤 오래전에 믿게 되었습니다.

질문: 이어서 왜 주님께 삶을 바쳐 섬기겠다는 결심을 하셨는지 설명해주실 수 있나요?

철호전도사님: 제 기억이 맞다면, 저는 다섯살 쯤에 예수님을 믿었고 일곱살때 LA로 이사를 갔는데, 이사가기 일년전에 있었던 경험을 얘기 하겠습니다. 제가 여섯살때, 어느 계절이었는지는 기억을 잘 못하지만 전 제 방에서 레고를 가지고 놀고 있었습니다. 그때 저에게 이웃을 섬겨야 한다는 강렬한 무엇을 느꼈습니다. 그 느낌이 너무 강해서 전 모든걸 내려놓고 생각에 빠질 수 밖에 없었습니다. 무언가 비현실적이었던 순간이였고, 뒤돌아보니 그 순간에 하나님께서 저를 사역자로 부르셨습니다. 그때에 경험을 돌이켜 보면, … 모르겠습니다. 말로 표현을 못하겠습니다. 정말 신비로운 경험이었습니다. 하지만 “섬겨야 한다”는 그 강렬한 느낌은 저에게 목사가 돼야 한다는 생각이 들게 했습니다. “사람을 섬기고 사람을 도와줄 거라면 목사의 길을 가야지” 라고 생각했습니다. 저희 부모님, 특히 목사였던 제 아버지는 사람들을 섬겼고, 저도 사람들을 섬기려면 목사가 되야 했습니다. 그래서 여섯 살이었던 저는 거실 소파에 앉아 계시던 부모님께 달려가 “나는 커서 목사가 될거야!” 라고 자신있게 말했습니다. 당연히 저는 제가 하는 말을 온전히 이해하지 못했습니다. 하지만 목사님의 아들로 자라면서 하나님은 저에게 목사의 직분의 좋고 나쁜점을 볼 수 있게 해주셨습니다. 많은 고통과, 아픔과, 어려움이 있지만 저는 부모님을 통해 목사의 직분을 통해 오는 기쁨을 볼 수 있었습니다. 사람들이 예수를 영접할때, 교회 성도들이 하나님과의 관계가 더 가까워지고 성장할때, 부모님은 너무나도 기뻐했고 행복해 하였습니다. 시간이 흘러 대학생이 된 저는 어느새 중등부 선생님으로 섬기기 시작했고, 여섯살 목사가 되겠다고 고백한 뒤부터 지금까지 항상 “목사가 되야지” 라는 생각은 제 마음속 깊은곳에 있었지만 헷갈리지 않았던 것은 아닙니다. 목사의 삶의 어려움을 보며 전 제 자신에게 이런 질문을 했습니다. “난 정말 목사가 되고 싶은가?” “난 정말로 내가 무슨 선택을 하는지 이해하고 있는가?” 하지만 전 섬겨야 한다는 그 느낌, 그 마음을 잊을 수 없었습니다. 그래서 전 항상 “난 목사가 될꺼야” 라는 생각을 가지고 있었고, 섬김을 시작한 대학생때부터 목사의 직분에서 오는 기쁨을 경험하기 시작했습니다. 계속 열심히 섬기다 보니 섬김 그 자체는 어느새 제 삶의 큰 축복이 되어있었고, “온 마음으로 하나님이 나를 목사로 부르심”을 믿고 깨달았습니다. 그래서 대학을 졸업하고 전 신학교에 들어가 목회학 석사 학위를 받았고, 지금 대학/쳥년 부 전도사님으로 즐겁게 섬기고 있습니다.

질문: 전도사님은 코너스톤 교회의 시작부터 지금까지 함께 자라셨습니다. 지금 전도사님 에게 코너스톤은 무슨 의미를 가지고 있습니까?

철호전도사님: 좋은 질문이네요. 제일 처음부터 있었기 때문에 좀 돌려 말하겠습니다. 코너스톤 교회는 1993년, 제가 일곱살때 저희 가족이 LA로 이사오면서 시작했습니다. 제가 교회를 위해 했던 첫번째 섬김은 신발 정돈 이었습니다. 코너스톤 교회는 저의 할머니가 우리 가족을 위해 준비해주신 집 거실에서 시작했습니다. 저에겐 매주 주일 마다 저희 집으로 오는 많은 사람들을 보며 흥분했던 기억이 있습니다. 그 후 제가 제일 처음으로 했던 일은 사람들이 신발을 벗으면 그 신발을 문 바로 옆에 있던 계단에 선을 맞춰 정돈하는 일이었습니다. 이게 저와 제 동생의 일이였죠. 다른 분들도 저와 같은 대답을 했을지 모르지만, 이십사오년 후 제가 이 이야기를 꺼낸 이유는 코너스톤을 가족이라고 생각하기 때문입니다. 한 몸이죠. 우리는 완벽하지 않습니다. 하지만 우리는 함께 예수님의 보혈의 피 아래 하나되어 서로를 도우며 서로의 삶을 활기롭게 합니다. 아픔을 치료하시는 하나님을 체험하고, 사람들에게 희망과 기쁨을 전합니다. 힘든 상황일지라도, 이게 가족이라고 생각합니다. 이 형제 자매들과 함께 예수 아래 같이 삶을 체험하는 것은 제게 큰 기쁨과 특권이였습니다. 대학 청년부 전도사로서 중등부 부터 가르쳤던 학생들과 어렸을때부터 봐왔던 학생들이 대학생이 되가며 하나님안에서 성장하는 모습을 볼때 전 너무나도 기쁩니다. 보이지 않는 곳에서 교회를 섬기는 사람들을 볼때, 기도의 삶을 사는 부모님들을 볼때, 온 성도들이 주일 마다 같이 점심을 먹을때 전 참 도전을 받습니다. 코너스톤의 이런 부분들을 전 기대합니다. 예배는 당연하고, 예배 후 점심 시간에 막 여기 저기 뛰어다니는 아이들의 모습, 대학 청년부가 서로 친교를 나누는 모습, 테이블 마다 어른들이 소통하는 모습들 전부 참 중요하다고 생각합니다. 교회 안에 많은 사람들이 자신들의 시간과 삶을 바쳐 서로를 섬기고 서로를 온전히 하나님 안에서 자라게 합니다. 전 코너스톤을 생각할때마다 이것을 생각합니다. 우린 그리스도의 몸이고 이것이 저의 기도 제목입니다. 우리가 예수님 안에 서로 하나됨을 지키기 위해 성령님과 말씀 안에서 최선을 다하는 것. 전 코너스톤을 생각할때 이것을 생각합니다.


Cornerstone Collective, Worship


Cornerstone Collective: Can you introduce yourself and give us a brief story about how you came to Cornerstone Church?
Pastor Sung: My name is Sung Pyo Hong. I have been serving in Cornerstone Youth Group since 2008 and before that junior high. I came to Cornerstone in October 1999, which I remember because it was during the anniversary worship with my mom. After I attended adult service with my mom for about a year then, one of the college young adult staff said “Oh, you know you should come and join college group and come check it out.” That’s when Teacher Sam was teaching and leading praise; I was 17. That’s how it began. I got to know many of the brothers and sister and did survival kit. I would say in my college years, I was here on Sundays and Fridays. I made it as often as I could. I enjoyed the group and the fellowship, but that was it. Definitely the main reason I came was for the fellowship and because Teacher Sam bought me a lot of food. So I thought, “at least I should come to church because he’s treating me well” and that was my mentality. That went on and then at one of the retreats, we had a time of sharing. The pastor back then asked me what some of my determinations were after this retreat and I told him, “I’ll be here for Friday bible study and Sunday worship for a year and I’ll not miss a single time.” I said that not really thinking or expecting anything to change. I just said that because it was a good determination. I shared that because initially, my approach was that I want to have an image or want to be someone that is trustworthy. I wanted to keep my word, so I did that. So for a year, I came for every Friday bible study and every Sunday, but that didn’t mean I was really faithful. I would come to bible study and I would still go out and go to bars and clubs. I did everything in my schedule that I had done before, but I still came out Friday and Sunday. Some Sunday’s, I would drink until 3-4 am and sleep a couple of hours, but I wanted to keep my word, so I got up and came. And one time I came to church and I actually threw up in the church bathroom; I believe that was the time where God was working in a way that I didn’t know. Making that commitment and to come out to Friday bible study and Sunday worship gave me the opportunity to hear the Word. I’ve been going to church all my life but that was when the word really opened up to my heart and that’s when I really started to have some questions about scripture. That’s when God really planted the seed in my heart and I realized that my life is not right; my relationship with God is not right. I think that was about 2006-7, when I was about to graduate from college. I started to be more faithful and my worship became actual worship and it became more than just fellowship and hanging out. A big turning point.

Cornerstone Collective: Why did you decide to dedicate your life to serving the Lord?
Pastor Sung: I started serving in 2007. Pastor Lee, Teacher Pat and Teacher Sam. They said it would be good to get involved in serving. So I served at high school for a little bit, and as I look back, some of the students from back then were there. They knew that I wasn’t a teacher; I was just there. I would sit at the back of the room and doze off as the pastor was giving message, but the opportunity was given and I took it. But I think it was more of God training me. I then got moved to junior high to serve with one of the pastors and received a chance to speak. So God opened a lot of opportunities- not because I was good at anything, but I think they saw that I was pretty consistent and disciplined in being there and being on time. As I became more engaged and given more opportunities to speak and study the word, that really made me grow. The big turning point that pushed me over the hill was in January 2008, when I was serving junior high. After a retreat on Sunday, I was eating downstairs, and I felt a bit weird. The flavor of the food tasted weird, and at night, I realized half of my face nerves were paralyzed. I had Bell’s Palsy. As I went to the doctor, they told me “you just have to wait it out and it (feeling/sensation in the face) will come back.” So that’s the thing that made me constantly think hard and reflect back on my life. I was able to see that God has prepared a lot for me already. In my surroundings, God called me, and it was in a circumstance that I would be able to fully serve. I don’t think I was able to see it fully before, but when I took some time to think about it, I realized God brought me to Cornerstone Church, allowed certain teachers and Pastor Lee upon my life and allowed me to realized that except me, everything else is ready. I had so many people supporting me and now it was up to me to make a change. So I spoke with Pastor Lee with teachers, my parents and family, and they gave me their grace and blessing. That is when I realized that this is the call that definitely God has given me that I was holding back. So I decided to dedicate my life to God and be a pastor in 2008, and now it has been 10 years.

Cornerstone Collective: What does Cornerstone mean to you?
Pastor Sung: Cornerstone… difficult to answer in short words, but I got to say that the word, Cornerstone itself, holds a pretty big meaning. Now, it is the foundation of my life. Jesus is the foundation of my life. Through Cornerstone Church, I found my true cornerstone Jesus Christ. This is where I really was able to listen to the word of God. This is where I realized where Christian life is not just knowing God, but living for God. This is where God showed his hand as I was struggling, I was able to realize what’s really worth living for, so I would definitely say Cornerstone is the foundation of my life with Jesus definitely being the center. This is where I met my wife, Linda. This is where I had my first kid, Lois. Cornerstone is so many things and as a result my life was built in the healthiest of conditions. So definitely Cornerstone is the foundation of where I am now.

CC: 자기소개 해주새요? 

홍성표 전도사: 제 이름은 홍성표 입니다. 2008년 부터 지금까지 코너스톤 고등부를 섬기고 있고,그 전에는 중학부를 섬겼습니다. 코너스톤 교회는 1999년 10월에 처음 왔습니다. 교회 창립기념예배라서 기억이 나네요. 그 이후로 한 1년동안 어른 예배를 어머니와 드렸는데, 대학부를 섬기시는 한 분이 와서 “대학 예배 있는데 한번 와서 봐” 라고 말했습니다. 그 당시 우진 선생님이 찬양 인도하시고 가르치셨고, 저는 17살이었습니다. 그렇게 시작했죠. 많은 형제 자매님들을 알게됬고, 영적성장기본진리를 했습니다. 대학 시절에는 시간 나는 만큼 금요일과 주일에 교회에 왔었습니다. 모임과 친교를 좋아했지만, 그 것 뿐이었습니다. 교회 나왔던 가장 큰 이유는 친교, 그리고 우진 선생님이 저에게 많은 음식을 사주셔서, “잘해 주시니까 최소한 교회 참석이라도 해야지” 라고 생각했습니다. 그렇게 시간이 흐르다가 어느 한 수련회 후, 결단 을 나누는 시간이 있었습니다. 목사님이 그때에 저에게 수련회에서 한 결단이 무엇인지 물어 보셨고, 저는 “1년동안 금요예배와 주일예배를 한번도 놓치지 않고 참석하겠습니다” 라고 대답했습니다. 특별한 생각 없이, 큰 변화를 기대하지 않고 한 말이었습니다. 그저 좋은 결심이었기 때문에 말했던겁니다. 그렇게 말한 후, 저는 내가 한말에 책임을 지는 사람이기고 싶어서, 그대로 했습니다. 일년동안, 한번도 빠지지 않고 금요성경공부와 주일에 교회에 왔지만, 제가 진실로 신실했던건 아니었습니다. 성경공부에 참석한 후, 술집이나 클럽에 갔습니다. 전에 하고있던 스케줄을 지키면서, 그래도 금요일과 주일에는 교회에 왔습니다. 어떤 주일에는 새벽 3-4시 까지 술을 마신 후에도 제가 했던 말을 지키고 싶던 고집에 한두시간 잠을 잔 후 억지로 교회에 왔습니다. 한번은 교회 화장실에서 토를 한적도 있었는데, 돌이켜 보니 이렇게 무지한 저에게 하나님께서는 계속 말씀 하고 게셨음을 보게됩니다. 그 결단이 시작으로 금요일과 주일마다 하나님에 말씀을 들을 수 있었습니다. 평생을 교회에 다녔지만 그때서야 조금씩 정말로 주님의 말씀이 제 마음을 열었고, 점점 성경에 대한 질문이 생기기 시작했습니다. 그때 하나님이 제 안에 씨앗을 심으셨고, 나의 삶이 옳지 않다는 것과, 나와 하나님과의 관계가 옳지 않다는것을 깨달았습니다. 그때가 한 2006~7년도 였고, 막 대학을 졸업하던 시기였습니다. 그때 점점더 신실하게 예배를 드리기 시작하였습니다. 큰 전환점이었죠.

CC:왜 삶을 받쳐 주님을 섬기겠다고 결단했습니까?

홍성표 전도사: 2007 년 부터 섬기기 시작했습니다. 목사님, Patrick 선생님 그리고 우진선생님 모두의 격려에 고등부를 잠시 섬기기 시작했습니다. 돌이켜 보니 고등부 학생들도 제가 선생이 아니란걸 알았을 것입니다. 저는 그저 몸만 그곳에 있었던 겁니다. 그 당시 뒤에 앉아서 목사님 설교시간에 졸때가 많았지만, 섬길 수 있는 기회가 주어졌기에 순종했을 뿐인데, 생각해보니 하나님께서 저를 단련하시던 시기였던 것 같습니다. 그 후 중등부에서 다른 목사님 한분과 같이 섬기기 시작했고, 말씀을 전할 수 있는 기회도 주어지고 하나님께서는 저에게 많은 기회를 주셨습니다. 딱히 제가 무언가를 잘해서가 아니라, 리더분들께서 제가 열심히 예배에 참석하고 순종하는 마음을 보신것이 아닌가 생각해봅니다. 제가 말씀을 전하고 말씀을 공부하는 기회와 더욱 더 많아지면서 저는 정말 많이 성장했습니다. 가장 큰 전환점은 2008년 1월 중등부를 섬기던 때였습니다. 수련회가 끝난 후, 아래층에서 점심을 먹고있었는데, 무언가 좀 이상했습니다. 먹고있던 음식의 맛이 이상했고, 얼굴의 느낌이 이상했습니다. 그날 밤, 제 얼굴의 반이 마비되는 것을 느꼈습니다. 안면 신경마비였습니다. 의사들은 저에게 그저 “기다리면 신경이 돌아올꺼야” 라는 말을 했고, 그 말이 저에겐 제 인생을 돌이켜보는 계기가 되었습니다. 하나님이 저에게 이미 너무나도 많은걸 준비해 주셨다는 걸 볼 수 있었고, 주변 모든 것을 통해 하나님이 저를 부르셨고, 모든 것을 바쳐 섬길 수 있는 상황이였습니다. 전에는 보지 못했지만, 시간을 두고 생각을 해보니, 하나님께서 저를 코너스톤교회로 인도하셨고, 특별한 선생님들과 이종용 목사님을 제 삶에 허락하셨고, 저를 제외한 모든 것들은 준비가 되었다는걸 깨달았습니다. 그래서 목사님과, 선생님들과, 부모님과, 가족들과 대화를 나누었고, 그들의 축복안에서 목사가 되기로 헌신 하였습니다. 2008년에 삶을 하나님께 드리고 목사가 되자고 결단했고, 벌써 10년이 지났습니다.

CC: 코너스톤은 당신에게 무슨 의미를 가지고 있습니까?

홍성표 전도사: 어려운 질문이지만 짧게 대답해본다면, 코너스톤, 이 단어 자체에도 너무나도 큰 뜻이 있습니다. 이제는 제 삶의 토대입니다. 나의 모퉁이돌 되시는 주님이 제 삶의 토대입니다.  코너스톤 교회를 통해 주님의 말씀을 진정히 들을 수 있었고, 기독교인의 삶은 하나님을 아는것 뿐만이 아니라 하나님을 위해 사는것임을 깨달았고, 하나님께서 힘든 시절 저에게 삶의 가치를 보여주셨습니다. 그렇기에 저는 코너스톤되시는 주님이 제 삶의 기초고, 예수님이 중심임을 고백합니다. 코너스톤 교회에서 제 아내, Linda를 만났고, 코너스톤에서 첫 아이 Lois를 가졌습니다. 코너스톤은 너무나도 많은 것을 함축하고 있고, 제 삶은 이곳에서 건강하게 지어져 나가고 있습니다. 확실히 코너스톤은 저의 삶의 기초이고 토대입니다.

-Cornerstone Collective

Junior High, Worship

Teacher’s Foreword

Teacher Linda Cha
The Junior high baptism was a time of great blessing from God.
I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit working within the congregation not only to rejoice and bless the students, but also to reflect on my own spiritual life. I was deeply challenged and blessed by their acts of obedience to our Heavenly Father and the determinations that were made.
I truly believe and pray that these students will live a life of a disciple and work to expand His kingdom, each in their own special way. God bless you!

Joshua Suh 전도사
This year’s Junior High Baptism was a great blessing for me as well as a time of deep reflection. As I heard the students’ testimonies and as I saw them go under the water, I was reminded that this could only be done by the working of the Holy Spirit. Though the parents, teachers, and fellow peers may have played a part, ultimately, only God could make the seeds of the Gospel that were planted to grow and to produce fruit. As I reflected on this, I saw how beautiful and how significant baptism was to a believer’s life and I was all the more blessed. As always, I am thankful for Pastor Lee, Samonim, and all the leaders who pour out their love through prayers. I’m also thankful for the Junior High staff who work hard to expand the Kingdom of God. I hope and pray that whoever reads through this post would be challenged and reflect on how great our God is.

Junior High Baptism Testimonies

Joshua Lee

Hello, my name is Joshua Lee and I am currently in 6th grade. Since my parents were Christians, I have been going to church even before I was born, and I have been spending my Sundays like that for my whole life. I always came to church as a place to play and meet my friends, and I never really came for the Sunday worship. I had heard about the importance of coming to church, but I never really felt it for real in my mind. As I came into Jr. High, I got to know God more but had more questions about him. Last winter, on the Jr. High retreat, our cabin leader had told us how they had felt when they first met God. I had never had that feeling before, so I wondered what it must have felt like. During the praise night, everybody felt like they were really praising from their hearts, and I felt like an outcast. But when we were worshipping, I had a feeling, as if God had taken away my worries, and let me feel like I belong. After the retreat, everything came back to normal. I had so much things to do, but I was very tired. I wanted to complain about it, but I realized that I shouldn’t be having a bad attitude but rather be thankful for all of this, because I was sinful like that before I was saved.  But God forgave me and let me be with him. I am sure that I can go to heaven because the Bible says that if believe that God has died for me, then I will be saved and go to Heaven. This encourages me to work harder to learn more about God. This is why I am getting baptized to show that I am a person of God. But since I cannot do this myself, I must pray to God and do QT more often.

Su-A Kim
Hello, my name is Su-A Kim. I first became a Christian in November 2016. I just assumed that I was a Christian because I was born in a Christian family, I went to church, and did Q.T. In doing all these things, I tricked myself into thinking I was a Christian. But all of these things nor can anyone save me. I was a sinner whom could not save herself, but only through Jesus was I able to be saved. The night I got saved, I accepted this stone-hard truth. The stone-hard truth was, Jesus died on the cross for my sins and he rose again in three days victoriously. I could not have saved myself, but because God sacrificed his one and only son to die on the cross for me, I was able to believe and be spared of the horrible punishment awaiting me. On that day, I asked my dad a question about the Q.T. The question was, “I get how Jesus died on the cross, but I don’t quite get how he resurrected in 3 days.” My dad explained why Jesus died on the cross and how he resurrected in 3 days. After, I finished my Q.T and I thought that was it. Gladly, it wasn’t. My dad and mom kept explaining to me about how God created the world and the heavens in 7 days and how and why Jesus died for my sins. My dad kept lecturing me for days and weeks. This precious information would go through one ear and come out the other. I was half-listening, half-ignoring whatever my dad was talking about. I did this to the point where my dad realized I was not even listening. My dad told me that I already believed in Jesus and that I needed to let everything go and give my all to God. He also told me that Jesus is a very kind savior and how he loves us very much. Next, my dad said, “Follow my exact words if you believe that Jesus is your savior.” I was praying the sinner’s prayer. After I prayed, I cried and laughed with joy now that I was a Christian. Two years have gone by since I prayed the sinner’s prayer. As I lived the 2 years of being a Christian, my life had plenty of ups and downs. But because I was a Christian, God helped me pull through. I would never be able to save myself no matter how many times I would try. Believing that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and resurrected was the only way I could be saved. During 2017 Jr. High Winter Retreat, I felt God’s presence around and inside me. I believe the retreat was one of my climax points in my spiritual life. Jesus is my savior who will always be there when I need him. As I go on to live my new life, I will try to spread the gospel with even more non-believing friends. And yes, even if I died today, I am 100% sure that I will go to heaven. I thank God for letting me become a daughter of Christ and how he helped me be here on this very day.

Mina Gwak

Hello, my name is Mina. When I first went to church, I went because my family and friends went, and I wanted to play with my friends. All my friends said that Jesus died on the cross, so I said so too because I didn’t want to be left out. But, in the 4th grade VBS, I understood who God was in my heart. During Pastor David’s message at the end of VBS, I had a time to think about why I hadn’t accepted God as my Lord and Savior. I realized that God was my one and only Lord and Savior. At the end of the day when we all just had a time to pray, I accepted Christ as my Lord and savior. I declared that my faith would not waver in God and accepted the gospel message, the great gift of salvation from God. But, when my teachers asked if I wanted to be baptized, I responded in excuses. I was scared to say my testimony in front of an audience. When Winter Retreat came, my life was changed when the teachers all said that whoever was saved shall walk in obedience in God, and the first act of obedience for a saved Christian is to get baptized. I decided that I would be a Christian that follows God through any obstacle or hardship. I am determined to spread the gospel to all my non-Christian friends and family and try to do QT every day because that’s what pleases God. I am very thankful for the precious life that God has given me. So, I’m here today, to declare my new life and become a Christian that follows God and spreads the gospel, until he comes.

Daniel Kwak

Hello, my name is Daniel Kwak and I’m in the 6th grade. I regret that I did not get baptized in the new tub after renovation. But I am still happy. I was born in a Christian family, so I have gone to church at least 3 times each week. I did not remember but I received an infant baptism after 3 months I was born. Naturally, there was a lot of Christian friends and teachers around me. It was natural for me to go to church, every time I went to church it was very exciting. I never worried about why I was a Christian. I grew up in Cornerstone Church and I saw my mom and other church members getting baptized. Even junior high and high school department…I had an indefinite plan about being baptized in my future. I told myself, “Now is not the time. Now is not my time.” Because I was too unconfident and anxious to get baptized in front of a lot of eyes looking at me. But, God came to me when I was in 2017 VBS. He changed my life and I wanted to know him better. He made me know what was wrong. In pastor David’s final message, I declared that I wanted to have more faith in GOD. And I realized that it was not natural I believe God and I go to the church. I had to accept the Christ is the Lord and my savior. And then, in 2017 Winter retreat I got confidence to get baptized. At Winter retreat, it was a blessing. I had fun, I prayed for my longest and worshiped the Lord the best I can. I stood up in VBS and Winter retreat because I wanted to get baptized. I wanted to get baptized because in teacher Jiho’s class I had learned that I had to get baptized when I first accept Christ. Because it was the first act of obedience. I realized how sinful my life was. I wanted to change through Jesus.  I declare today to live as God’s man. It was difficult to express my feelings and happiness when I was writing this testimony all through. But now I know that it is the greatest of all Christian blessings. I thank that God made me and send me to this land and allow me to get baptized today. “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (Corinthians 10:31) If someone asks to me about that verse, “yes” I will. I will try to do, I will start a war with myself. I promise following this. I will try to do QT every day and go to “새벽기도” every Saturday. I will practice praise team faithfully. I will live in God’s glory in my school, house, and with my friends. So, I will live as a man of God.

Andrew Kwon

Before I truly met Jesus, I was only going to church because it was fun, and my friends went. I never really cared about the fellowship. I only wanted to have fun. But then as I got older, I realized church isn’t about fun. It’s about the fellowship with God. At past VBS’, I felt the Holy Spirit knock on my heart, but I never answered. However, at the winter retreat, Pastor Sung was telling everyone to pray. While we prayed, he asked for the people that didn’t accept God to stand up. I had a feeling to just stand up and when I did, I felt the Holy Spirit knock on my heart. This time, I finally answered. As I grow more in God, my life will surely change. My first change, is to love everyone, no matter how different they may be. Another change, is to do more QT and prayer, so I can grow more and more in God. The last change, is to spread the gospel to all non- believers. Not only is my job to believe in God, but it is also to spread the word to all.


High School, Junior High, Worship

On December 28-30, 2017, Cornerstone Church’s Youth Group had a winter retreat at the Angeles Crest Christian Camp. Our retreat theme, “Unshaken”, was based on Psalm 62:2 through which we learned how to have a faith that was not shaken by difficult circumstances we may encounter in life. 

On the first night, the high school praise team led the congregation in passionate praise and many of the youth responded with hands held high and heads bowed in worship. After the praise, Teacher Joshua gave the first night’s message from the book of Philippians and shared about Apostle Paul who was in a difficult circumstance, but did not allow for his circumstance to dictate his faith. The night ended in more prayer and a time of intimate sharing in smaller groups. 

The next day was filled with many different activities including archery, volleyball, preparation for skit, and more importantly a seminar given by Teacher Minji. She shared some difficulties that students would encounter in life and how these things could shake our faith. Additionally, she shared her own powerful testimony on how she had overcome some of the difficulties placed in her life and how she learned to have an unshakable faith. At night, we enjoyed a time of great fellowship as each group presented the skits that they had prepared and there was much laughter. The teachers and judges were surprised at the level of creativity exhibited by each group and were excited at the prospect of future skit members. As the night continued, we had another night of passionate praise and Pastor Sung spoke from our theme verse, Psalm 62:2. He taught about how we were to put our trust in God alone and only then would He be our rock, salvation, and fortress through which we would not be shaken. The night ended with an altar call which led to two junior high students accepting Christ and the group prayed corporately over various prayer topics. 

Overall, we believe that the Holy Spirit moved mightily through every activity, praise, and message. We are so thankful that God used this retreat to speak to His people, and we are praying that God continues the good work that was started. Please join us in prayer over the students that they would continue to grow spiritually and desire to be more like God. Additionally, we are thankful for all of the staff that helped at the retreat, Cornerstone Church, and for Pastor Lee and Samonim who supported us through prayer and love.


Junior High, Worship

On October 27, 2017, seven of our junior high students received baptism in the newly renovated sanctuary. These seven students determined to be baptized after having been challenged by their junior high teachers, that those who were saved must walk in obedience to what scripture commanded and be baptized. Those who had made the determination were talked to individually by the junior high staff and were guided through the process of receiving baptism which included assurance of salvation, preparation of testimony, and significance of baptism. Once these things were established, the church staff set into motion preparations for the baptism and invited all our members to celebrate together. On the day of baptism, many of our church members gathered together in order to celebrate the public declaration of the students’ faith. It was a great time of rejoicing but also a time to reflect and to be challenged in our faith.

We want to thank God for the gift of salvation that the seven students received and the blessing of baptism. We also want to thank Pastor Lee and SMN for their prayer and guidance, and for leading the baptism ceremony. Additionally, we want to thank all the members of our church who came out to celebrate and for showing their support by bringing enough flowers to start a flower shop.

Lastly, want to congratulate the seven students on their baptism: Jua, Jini, Jina, Jin Kyung, Daniel, Ryan, and Theodore. Congratulations! May the memory of your baptism be branded on your heart and serve as a reminder that, “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” 


오는 수요 저녁 예배는 2월 16일 부터 19일까지 리베라 CC의 PGA 제네씨스 오픈에 참석 하시는 최경주 선수의 인도로 예배를 올려 드립니다.
 PGA 골프 대회에서 일반 대회 7승 메이저 대회 1승 총 8승을 이룩한 한국 골프 1세대로서 하나님의 사람으로 많은 간증이 있을 줄 압니다.
다음날 시합을 앞두고 함께 해주시는 최경주 선수를 통하여 많은 은혜의 시간이 되시고 함께 시합을 위해서 기도하시는 시간이 되기를 바랍니다.
목자님들과 여선교회, 형제회는 많은 광고를 통하여 참석 할 수 있도록 광고 부탁 드립니다.